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Celebration Time - Come On!

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The Cuban people once again have something to celebrate. President Biden and Vice-President Harris promise to ease travel restrictions and allow Americans to freely visit our peaceful neighbors to the south. In 2015 President Obama and Cuban leader Raul Castro agreed to normalize relations and allow citizens to visit and help empower local businesses, only to be rolled back by the previous administration. President Biden has signaled he wants to once again improve US-Cuban relations. Put on your dancing shoes, it is indeed time to celebrate! 

Cubans Welcome Americans with Open Arms!


          Cuba is Open and Legal for Americans to visit. 

Cuba is a special place so long denied to Americans. And while it is now legal to go to Cuba under

certain travel categories, some Americans remain hesitant.  EAC Tours has helped hundreds of travelers witness the natural and cultural splendor of Cuba traveling legally on EAC Tours' U.S. Department

of the Treasury, OFAC license for Support for the Cuban People.


        Cuba is safe, fun & friendly! 

Our Cuban adventures are designed to meet the people, immerse in the cultural exchanges and bask

in the incredible landscapes of Cuba. Take a journey through the rich history of Cuba's art and music

scene. Meet the artists & exchange ideas. And always, dance to the music!


          Cuba is larger than life!

Whether, it’s the sultry rhythms, the wisps of cigar smoke                                                                   

wafting in the air, the beautifully weathered Baroque facades,

or just the warm  smiles and beautiful faces of the Cuban

people, once you experience  Cuba, something in you changes.

We help you find your own Cuba!


         Your trip - your way - ALWAYS! 

If the thought of traveling on a pre-set small group tour isn't for you, no worries, we specialize in

individual travel also. You tell us what you want to do and we customize your tour. It's that easy!

We arrange everything from arrival to departure - as much or as little as you like. All legal documentation, visas, and of course, loads of fun are included!

All designed as Support for the Cuban People.

         Custom departures year-round.

Call or email to design your own Cuba! We offer tours for every budget and interest.




EAC Tours Supports the Cuban People!

Beautiful Havana, Cuba

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Join our family of travel adventures. We are dedicated to providing exciting travel opportunities combined with unsurpassed educational experiences, designed to provide a better understanding and appreciation of the beauty and wonder of our natural and cultural environment and we excitingly invite you to explore your world with EAC Tours.

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“I have reviewed literally thousands of tours from a variety of vendors and tour companies. And year after year, I continue to find that the EAC Tours – and the itineraries produced and executed by Michael Sanders – are among the best in the industry.”

Dan Gifford, Manager

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Custom designed departures for singles, couples or groups. See the National Parks your way!


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Environmental Adventure Company, LLC is licensed by the Department of the Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) to organize and operate authorized Support for the Cuban People programs to Cuba.

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